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Clinton Street Stalwart aKa Cafe Closes

In the early-2000s Clinton Street dining fulcrum, aKa Cafe was a meaningful place. Though never as seminal from a food perspective as its older brother down the block, it was aKa that showed Clinton Street had the chops to be a true dining thoroughfare. And, oh, those sliders! We remember them fondly: a meatloafy-style burger slathered with mayo and served on a bialy. Remember, that is, because aKa didn't have sliders available the last few times we stopped in this spring. "No sliders tonight," they'd say, as though it were the most logical thing in the world to regularly run out of one's signature dish.

Which may explain why the news that aKa closed its doors for good on Monday doesn't come as the greatest shock. Seems it's that old real estate story?new owner buys building, new owner kicks out restaurant, new owner plans to open his own burrito place (really). A chunk of the aKa menu has surfaced on the menu at sister restaurant Alias a block down. They're serving all the key aKa dishes... except the slider. There's a long note on the Alias menu explaining why this is so, and it's probably for the best: the sliders had their moment. It's a burger world now.
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