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Richie HoJo Speaks

Richard Altman, aka Richie Hojo, who spet a record 27 years waiting tables at the Times Square HoJo's, sat for an interview at Time Out this week. Though we get little insight into how and why the landmark venue was allowed to close or what the future holds for the space, we do get this morsel:

Time Out New York: You've served a lot of people. Which ones stand out?

Richard Altman: Joyce Randolph from The Honeymooners used to have an ice-cream soda at the bar several times a week. She always sat at the counter. Conan O'Brien came in here once. Boy, is he tall. And Sarah Jessica Parker, but she wasn't here with Matthew Broderick. She was with some other guy. I'm sure it was innocent, though. And Tammy Faye Bakker...all that makeup? It's real.

SJP roughing it at HoJo's? With another man?! Somebody get Fuller on the line.
· The Wait is Over [TONY]

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