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Bin 71

Bin 71
237 Columbus Ave. Winebar, Tapas, Good for 'A Drink'/Dates, Upper West. 362-5446.

A trusted correspondent, etrcspndt09332, files a mostly positive report on the recently opened, Bin 71:

etrcspndt09332: i went to bin 71 last night
eaterhq: and?
etrcspndt09332: small, understated, nice apps, good crowd
etrcspndt09332: mini-menu
etrcspndt09332: good for meeting someone for a drink
etrcspndt09332: high marble center table/bar - very small
etrcspndt09332: can only fit 20 max
etrcspndt09332: very singles-y
etrcspndt09332: a few older guys in suits scoping
etrcspndt09332: panini, meatballs, salad, cheese plates, etc.
etrcspndt09332: very minimalist
eaterhq: if you like ________ you'll like Bin 71?
etrcspndt09332: bar jamon, 'ino
eaterhq: that's serious company
etrcspndt09332: they're all striving for the same feel
eaterhq: ok. overall rating?
eaterhq: check = passable for a return visit
eaterhq: check plus = destination
eaterhq: check minus = no
etrcspndt09332: check
etrcspndt09332: the meatballs had a very interesting component which surprised me
etrcspndt09332: lemon
etrcspndt09332: and it worked, actually
eaterhq: is that right?
etrcspndt09332: shocking
etrcspndt09332: i realize
etrcspndt09332: but commendable


Bin 71 [Citysearch]