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Eater Dish

At EATER, we use Mondays to take stock; to look at the week ahead, survey the resto scene, and start putting our tables for the next seven days in a row. This, quite right astute readers, requires having an overview of the week in buzz.

Hide your women and your livers. Margaritas, Barolos, and a little Jean Georges round out the Eater dish for the week of Monday, July 11, 2005:

1) The reviews are starting to trickle in on Gusto, Jody Williams' new ital on Greenwhich Avenue. So far, so good is the word on the sexy, sleek, black and white-hued venue. EATER is anticipating a 'fully booked' dining room by weekend, so you're going to want to get a reservationist on the line right quick.

2) Last Wednesday Diablo Royale threw open its doors onto a paved-the-night-before-right-smack-in-the-middle-of-the-last-night-of-friends-and-family West 10th Street. The early reviews are mixed, but generally declare that the atmosphere and margaritas are strong and that the food and service are close but not quite there. EATER was there early last week and concurs. In another week or two, when all the furniture has arrived and the chef has settled in, the West Village will finally have a place of its own for solid Sunday afternoon Mexican-style drinking.

drew.jpg3) This week will be your last chance to get into Centrico, Drew Nieporent's new Mexican in the old Layla space at 211 West Broadway. Aaron Sanchez of Paladar is in the open kitchen.

4) Mercadito Grove, the West Village sister of the Alphabet City Mexican of very similar name, has finally opened, following a two month delay during which the opening had been announced everywhere. The very early EATER report: very serious tacos and ceviches and an equally serious wait for any of the restaurant's 15-plus sidewalk tables. BYO for the time being, but they're happy to provide ice.

5) Finally, Perry St might make good on its promise and open this week. If it does, your best bet will be to try walking in, as they're not going to give you the 8 P table you request, but they're likely keeping the resy book less-than-full to allow the staff a chance get acclimated.
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