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Buzz Off #001

To her credit, Strong gets it right very often. (This week she provides the first comprehensive look at Gusto.) And, she is the keeper of the best restaurant press release archive ever, an accomplishment in and of itself. But, man, does this girl talk or what?

Here, for example, are 192 words you won't get back:

I had some great meals [at Tappo]. Several with the ex-boyfriend, the one whom I now refer to as the eater of souls, the destroyer of hope, and the full blast, high-speed blender for my heart. Anyway, now that I am older and wiser, rather than seeking/deriving joy from romantic relationships and risking going through that ripe hell known as a break up (or was that breakdown) all over again, I tend to derive pleasure from meals shared with my girlfriends?Susie, Jamie, Stacey, Diana, Debbie, Cori, Kiri, Court, and Steven (well, the last two are not girls? they are my guy friends?but they count as girls for these purposes).
Anyway, I don?t want to make this all about me (well, really I do, but I won?t), so I will spare you the continued drama as my life as a less than fabulous version of Carrie Bradshaw (without the shoes, the great apartment, or the boyfriend who realizes his mistakes and comes back) and continue with my review of Gusto, which I found to be as good as I expected (read: big fat smile on my face for most of the evening).

· My Dinner at Gusto [Strong Buzz]