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Nobu 57 Update: Ashley Don't Play Here

From the farm-fresh byways of West 57th Street, an EATER correspondent reports from outside the nearly open Nobu 57 (friends and family now, to the public July 25):

The new nobu is in between my office and my apartment, so I have been walking by for months of the various stages of construction. Went home the other night and walked through the opening party door scene- a couple different people with clipboards, w/ one telling a woman "There aren't any other Ashleys on the list."

Here is a pic of the door and the sign explaining that they are not yet open. All you can really see through the front (which are covered in brown paper from the inside right now) and side windows is the bar area. What's not in the illustration are the large sea-shell things hanging from the ceiling like giant wind chimes or the fact that a large Cohen's Optical is across the breezeway from the entrance. I guess it will be convenient for those who are hankering for some black-miso cod after selecting new frames.

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