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Voice 2005 Most Inexpensive "Restaurants"

This week, The Voice reveals its fifth annual list of the 100 Best and Most Inexpensive Restaurants in New York. (By focusing on 1-dollar-sign venues, they're returning to a format from which they deviated last year.) If finding the perfect pipian con pollo down an alley off of Fredreck Douglas Blvd. is your version of full release, behold your new Holy Grail. If not, there's still something for you on Robert Sietsema's impressive list. A couple of cheapie heavy hitters make cameos (#27 Shake Shack, #85 Burger Joint, and #35 Carl's Steaks), but for the most part he focuses on lesser-known shacks, joints and, well, steaks.

One thing you should know before you dive in: By "restaurant," Sietsema means any place at which prepared food is offered for purchase. He does not even come close to meaning Restaurant.

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