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Week in Reviews: Red Cat, Prem-On Thai, 202

1) Bruni returns to The Red Cat in Chelsea: "By turns cozy and sexy, laid-back and fleet, the Red Cat is a restaurant Rorschach, different things at different times to different people... It's an immensely appealing place... Opened in 1999, when it received one star in The New York Times from William Grimes... It's an expert utility player." Verdict: 2 stars. [NYTimes]
2) Cuozzo at Prem-on Thai on West Houston: "Boldly carries on the Thai restaurant curse... Budget left no room to ensure they don't run out of Singha beer one night and bottled water the next... May be a fine restaurant once it figures out how to keep the juice flowing all the time." [NYPost]
3) $25 and Under takes in 202 in Chelsea Market: "The scene was playfully posh... Nothing on the menu was more than $17... a quirky assortment of English, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes with such seasonal spirit that it sometimes seemed like the meal had been foraged at the greenmarket." [NYTimes]

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