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Little Branch Falls

Ushered into the inner sanctum of Little Branch, the new bar on lower Seventh Avenue from Milk & Honey and East Side Company impresario Sasha Petraske a few weeks back for a private party, we were impressed?as one always is in Sasha's company?with the quality of the drinks, and the seedy upscaleness of the space. Yes, we were told, Little Branch would be more accessible to the masses than Milk & Honey, which still requires a special phone number to enter.

Accessibility is good; we're all for it. Yet we cringed upon noting that Little Branch was touted by the unkempt gentlemen at the pre-launch email newsletter Thrillest, best described as Daily Candy for Frat Guys:

We see several uses for Little Branch:
Monday-Tuesday: Bring secretary to see 1920's style live piano player. Afterwards, sleep with her.
Wednesday-Thursday: Host intimate celebration of your many accomplishments.
Friday-Saturday: Down entire cocktail list. Remind staff and shocked onlookers why Prohibition existed in the first place.
Sunday: Get plastic surgery. Hope bartenders don't recognize you on Monday.
We shed a tear for Mr. Petraske. Good PR is so hard to find.
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