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A Full, Filipino Belly

Foodies are wonderful. Their minds -- and palates -- are so hungry for inforamtion and stimulus and diversity. (We, on the other hand, are happy with two bottles of Bordeaux and a steak frites.) And we love them for it. Take Alaina Browne of A Full Belly, for example, who, though she denies it, bless her palate, is as foodie as they come. Here is a recent post on a new Filipino food blog she came across:

Market Manila. "A food weblog that talks about ingredients, food, food stuffs, recipes, restaurants and markets here in the Philippines and around the globe." Well-written and easy on the eyes, I've only just discovered this site but it's now easily my favorite Filipino food blog. The writer is currently visiting New York and discussing food here, but going through the archives really makes me miss Manila.

Chuckle. Yes, Alaina, it is now our favorite too. But let's just hope the Filipino food blog bubble doesn't burst anytime soon, huh? We're loving every second of it!

Market Manila [A Full Belly]