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Lower Second Ave, upscale BBQ, Sidewalk seating. 388-0388

We dispatched a trusted Eater to a tasting at Smoked. His report on the East Village's answer to barbeque...

First, so that you understand from where our man is coming, on barbeque in general:

If you're going out for bbq, it should feel a little grungy. Even if that means you sort of grunge it up in a trendy sort of way I still don't expect lots of blonde wood, steel, and light boxes with photos. I expect mahogany and warm colors to make you feel like you've stepped out of NYC for just a bit.

And the gentleman on Smoked:

While the overall dining experience is well above average, and there are some excellent stand-outs on the menu, they miss-fire on a few things there. The chicken wings were mediocre. Good flavor but if I'm going for bbq and I'm eating wings...I want 'em fried and kicked up.

[On the Duck...]while a unique and maybe odd choice for a bbq place, it was excellent. You didn't need a knife to cut it

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