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Strong: I Want to Have Alto's Babies

Alto. Midtown, High-end, Italian, Conant, Prix Fixe, L'Impero off-spring. (212) 308-1099.

Mr. Conant's food makes a powerful argument for Alto. Stay tuned for the cookbook and television show. --Asimov

"Like a sweet, sweaty romp, this is the sort of food that makes you crave a cigarette." --Strong

As expected, the word on Alto is that it's the real deal.

The Strongster spent a couple of steamy hours there recently and, concurring with the Times but taking four times as long to get there, she was quite taken with it:

As we rolled out of Alto...I felt drunk on life and completely in food love. And this is not just because the food is utterly dazzling, and not just because Conant is clearly growing more talented by moment, having started out as a cook at San Domenico, and then moved onto City Eatery and Chianti before hitting gold with L