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We hate to do this, but...

Ludo, with their pretentiously named "global grazing menu," has been buzzing all over town this week and will likely continue to get press hits well into next. It's no Bar Americain buzz, but the place is getting ink. Credit the banker duo of Ravi Gulivindala and Richard Ko for hiring some of the best food publicists in the city.

But here's the thing. Ludo isn't that good. The dining room is a digression from what was an aesthetically rich space when it was Chez Es Saada; the food is uneven. At a recent tasting the most inspired item on the menu was a watermelon, feta, and mesculan salad. A salad, people. The beef, lamb, sea bass, shrimp, and calamari were all painfully average. And it's a shame, because Einat Adinomy, formerly of Patria, Odea, and Danube, has shown some serious potential.

If we've got to be the ones to tell you, then so be it. Go read Juli B if you'd rather see the fluff. And Tierney, we expected more from you.