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The Garden Opens

With full-on open air panic (that is, the mad dash you'll make for the first venue you can find that boasts "outdoor seating") just a week or two away, it's probably time we started writing endlessly about the Meatpacking District behemoth, Hotel Gansevoort. It is a place where you will find yourself this summer, thanks to the still-cureless condition known as gansevoria.*

But now, following your days basking in the glow of your own fabulosity on the Rooftop (above), there is The Garden to fill your nights. The NY Times Sunday Styles, uncharacteristically, gets a head start on what is sure to be piles of coverage on the smoking- allowed/ugly-people-not-allowed venue.

And one interesting fact about this venue that we'll note: It's been fully built and ready to roll for close to six months. When we toured it as part of an Ono/Garden preview in October of 2004, we were assured it would be the New Black by December. What, pray tell, went on all winter? And when we inquired back then about a cabana for New Years and were quoted $10K for the night, were they just having some fun in the events office with JC's powder?

Snazzy Meets Sneakers [NY Times]

*Gansevoria n. The haze that comes over one when sitting on the Gansevoort Rooftop in the summer, characterized by a willingness to buy $18 cocktails and a lack of care when said drinks take 30 minutes to arrive at the table.