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Push "P" Button to Access the Penthouse Level

The venerable rooftop bar at Pomeranc's 60 Thompson Hotel, A/60, opens for the season on Wednesday night.

Open for the season (5/18/05)

Open since 2002, A/60 is as good a reason to avoid Hamptons traffic as you can find. When 12:30 comes around, please direct your attention to the North, where you'll have a flawless view of the lights on the Empire State Building being turned off for the night. Note well, however, in addition to the stunning views and comfy seats, you should expect to find staggeringly high levels of pretense, Prada, and Panerai.

Earl is your man at the front door and Ivan (pronounced ee-VAN) will take care of you upstairs. And you'll want to look out for Jason Pomeranc, who is the most visable owner of the joint and who is often holding court, flanked by a bevy of attractive women.

You'll need a membership card or a velvet tongue to get in. And Thursday thru Sunday, you'll need both. As we said, Earl is your man downstairs, and card or no, he's going to grant you access or send you running back to the Gansevoort.

Unlisted phone; 60 thompson, level p; bar to the left, sun deck to the right; best tables are in the SE and NE corners of the bar side.