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The Search for A/60 Cards

When Pomeranc first opened A/60 in summer of 2002, the plan was to distribute a few hundred membership cards, two each to the most in of in NYers, who would each keep a card and give a card to a friend. In this way, a cute little club would form and everyone would be happy and not be bothered by the masses, who love to crash these sorts of places. In the end, a couple thousand cards were made up, because when people caught sight of the views and the breeze, they told their famous and powerful and publicist-connected friends and everyone demanded that more cards be made. They were, and came in an envelope on which the following was printed:

60, New York, secret access, penthouse terrace, bar, sunset - midnight
and you.

It's all wreaks of 2002, yes.

But the venue itself remains the gold standard in open air nightlife from Memorial Day through Labor Day. And smartly, they redo the cards each year (meaning that you're going to have to re-sweet-talk whomever it was that you sweet-talked for your card last year).

For a lucky few on Jason's list, cards should arrive any day. This year's are printed on clear plastic and feature the same skyline with water tower that were on last year's cards, and of course have "A/60" printed right smack in the middle. If your card doesn't come by the end of the week, we've got two alternatives for you. Here's one. And the other: $50 bootleg cards can be finessed from one of doorman Earl's henchman located on the street level of the hotel.

One way or another, we'll see you in the NE corner. We'll be the ones playing connect four on the house board.