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When More Than the Food is Cold

As Friday dawns snowy and chill, a post on food blog Something to Chew On dissecting cold restaurants strikes a chord:

After giving up on the closed Mexican place, we walked down the street to a workaday Thai place (Arnhem Thai, 36th Ave., 33rd St., a step up from Thai Angel, a step down from the new Wave Thai). We went in, it was cold. Very cold. Natasa put on her coat and hat. We asked (twice) for them to turn up the heat. The second time, they explained that there's work being done on on the heating system, and it was off. (!) We had to tell them to plug in the space heater that was sitting against the wall, which they did. After 10 minutes, however, the lights went out as the circuit-breaker flipped!
Favorite cold restaurant experiences in NYC? Let us have 'em.
· Cold Restaurants [Something to Chew On]

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