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The Del Posto Watch Never Stops: 'Obscene' Early Word

After yesterday's report from beyond the Del Posto barricades, today brings first word from the inside via an eGullet poster. Brace yourselves:

I made it in to Del Posto last night as part of the soft opening. I willqualify my following statements by saying that we did not eat in the main dining room or off the main menu. We had "spuntini" in the lounge. I have but one word if some things don't change - disaster....

It was difficult to find anything really appealing on this menu, especially for the prices quoted. The dessert menu presented didn't even have prices quoted. We saw arancine there for $21. Arancine are basic Sicilian rustic fare... There were six small orbs, one central one surrounded by five others on a simple white plate with bechamel underneath the arancine. There was no additional adornment. The arancine were tasty. They were cheesy with a speck of ragu within. For a fraction of the price these would have been enjoyable. At the price charged they were obscene.

Mercy. Of course, this was neither the main dining room nor the main menu, so take with the proverbial slice of cured meat. More, much more—including an entertaining dissection of the competing Bruni/Cuozzo metacoverage, over at the 'Gullet.
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