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Del Posto: Reports from the Friends & Family Front

With the frenzy over Del Posto cresting, an Eater correspondent reports from the just outside the new Batali/Bastianich NoMeat Italian:

As you probably know by now, it’s open for friends and family previews. Ice queen guarding the entrance doesn’t allow one in past the first set of doors into the vestibule, likely afraid of any camera shots leaking out before they’re ready. [Photo here by Fred R. Conrad/NYT] At 9 o’clock last night, the curtains were pulled tight all around, the room was brightly lit, and the place was two-thirds full with a bunch of staff members standing around the edges.

According to the remarkably frosty woman guarding the door, expect an opening next week. no phone, cards, or reservations being accepted from mere mortals as yet. I’m sure being a friend of Bullfrog and Baum wouldn’t hurt in scoring an early ressie.

Last night, Eater spoke with a special correspondent who'd not only set foot inside Del Posto, but stayed and enjoyed the bounty. The broad smile on her face was all she'd give away, in part because she'd received the following dictate from the powers that be: "No blogging this."
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Del Posto

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