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Banned on Chowhound: Brooklyn, Borough of Deceit

The fun, it does not stop. The special fun that comes from being Banned on Chowhound. When last we left the venerable message board, it had put the kibosh on posts mentioning Park Slope pizzeria Franny's. Now, Eater reader reports reveal the drama gripping the entire borough:

· This policy confused me as well when I first started posting to the Chowhound board. It was years ago and my boyfriend an I posted about Whim, which used to be on Degraw Street in Cobble Hill. We kept trying over and over and the post never seemed to appear. We thought it was our computer or browser or something. When we inquired we got a reply explaining the policy. I don't know if they have banned Mark Elliot's second restaurant Blue Star on Court Street as well. Seems that they don't want to get in trouble by accusing anyone but it does not restaurant people to defend themselves. Weird in a way...

· Blue Star, in Carroll Gardens, is a partially-banned restaurant on Chowhound. Marc Elliot's previous restaurant, Whim, was banned after he shilled for his restaurant on Chowhound while knocking a bunch of other restaurants in the nabe. It's a somewhat loosely enforced ban, and discussions of his new venture, the Jewish-style deli Nosh, have been deemed Kosher. (Such a bad pun.) There are some posts for Blue Star on the board, but a number have also been removed.

· Update: recent posts on Nosh were removed today, too, so I guess that both Blue Star and Nosh are banned as well.

· In Brooklyn two of the verboten are Franny's and La Villa, pizza places in Prospect Heights and Park Slope, respectively. I went over the proverbial line by discussing Franny's a while ago, and got banned myself. Phooey! Read about it here.

Oh, the humanity. Got the scoop on more restaurants Banned on Chowhound? Let us know.
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