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Blind Tiger Alehouse To Close

Very sad news from the West Village, where the Blind Tiger Alehouse (at West 10th/Hudson) is set to close at month's end. A Mouthfuls poster relates an email from the Blind Tiger crew explaining what's going down:

Our execution is set for Tues Dec 27th at 4 a.m. There will be no reprieve. The good news is, according to a recent scientific study, stress does not cause cancer. If it did, the Blind Tiger would be taking us with her.

According to the official story, our landlord is renovating the building for some really expensive apartments, and he wants to replace us with a Marc Jacobs store. If he let us stay, we might keep his new tenants up at night. I tried to tell him our stereo only has one working speaker left, and it doesn't always work. He didn't care. I also said you guys would be really really quiet. He told me Starbucks was hiring and they had a good pension plan. Gentrification is pretty funny until it happens to you.

The saddest part is that the Blind Tiger offers one of the best beer selections in NYC, a constantly rotating crop of obscure brews described in detail on a flyer available at the bar. If you drink a beer a night on draught at the Blind Tiger, starting tonight, you wouldn't make it through them all by the time the doors close for the final time.
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