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Eater IMtereview: Heirloom

CrbdDaddy: so... heirloom?
bluestateslsr: so-so
CrbdDaddy: care to explain?
bluestateslsr: wont convert any non-veggies
bluestateslsr: well, the complimentary corn fritters with maple butter were primo
bluestateslsr: but i had a polenta dish...but the polenta was hard to was like all tomatoes
bluestateslsr: missus had a less-than-flavorful squash dish
bluestateslsr: dessert was good
bluestateslsr: lots of things you could have raw if you wanted, not that you would
bluestateslsr: service was super friendly...she asked us what we thought of the dessert, and when we said we liked it she was like, "and it's vegan!" as if she had been keeping this as a surprise
CrbdDaddy: haha
CrbdDaddy: and the atmosphere?
bluestateslsr: this is going on eater, isn't it
bluestateslsr: pretty active bar scene for a lame-o veggie place
bluestateslsr: the decor was nice as hell
bluestateslsr: makes you forget any painful Cafe Lika memories you may have
bluestateslsr: reservation wasn't really needed
bluestateslsr: but the crowd was somewhat fabulous so I imagine it will be
CrbdDaddy: very nice

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