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Best of 2005 (Preamble Edition)

Awaiting Eater's year-end wrapup? Tomorrow, friends. Meantime, two other notable best-ofs hit the web today:

1) The Bruni Digest does up the Best of Bruni 2005. Categories include Most Pervy, Most Carb-Celebratory, and Most Irrelevant, all with Bruni quote citations.
2) Our associates (ahem) at SLNY return from hiatus with the SLNY Awards (2005). Of particular note: "THE KEITH MCNALLY 'YOU’RE LUCKY I DIDN'T THINK OF THAT FIRST' PRIZE: given to the all-in best new restaurant of the year: gusto."

· Best of Bruni 2005 [The Bruni Digest]
· SLNY Awards (2005) [She Loves NY]