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The Sad Demise of Café Trotsky

An Eater reader points us to a fascinating Slate essay by one Mr. Michael Idov, who writes about the rise and fall of the Lower East Side coffee shop he ran with his wife. If you harbor the fantasy of opening your own café, don't read further or you risk encountering passages like this:

You know that charming little cafe on New York's Lower East Side that just closed after a mere six months in business—where coffee was served on silver trays with a glass of water and a little chocolate cookie? The one that, as you calmly and correctly observed, was doomed from its inception because it was too precious and too offbeat? The one you still kind of fell for, the way one falls for a tubercular maiden? Yeah, that one was mine.
The Idov's café, not revealed in the story, was Café Trotsky, which had the misfortune to open last spring on a block decimated on one side by apartment development and on the other by Jason Pomeranc's forthcoming LES luxury retreat. Which somehow seems sadly appropriate.
· Bitter Brew [Slate]

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