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Eater Inside: Kion

[Kalina, 12/5/05.]

Feast your eyes on Kion and wonder no more what became of the once-white-hot Industry (food) space. We'd describe it for you, this Kion, in all its "Japanese & Peruvian" glory, but your time would be much better spent reading straight from the Kion website:

Kion Dining Lounge is the first restaurant of its kind, located in New York’s East Village. With a fusion menu of Japanses & Peruvian, created by executive chef Miquel Aguilar, your taste buds will be dazzled.

The setting it no less spectacular, fusing the ancient, the futuristic, and the sublime. Mariano Airaldi and Daniela leonardi have transformed what had been a standard East Village destination into a fantasy world where seemingly anything can happen.

Kinetic effects, color sliding LEDs and fossil designs embedded into the scene lend Kion and otherworldly sensibility that takes out of the New York rush and into a timeless sensation to be shared with new and dear friends alike. [sic]

Truly, Kion is a discovery beyond all expectations. Divine cuisine enjoyed within delicious surroundings.

Come and explore…


You saw that line about how they transformed a "standard East Village destination," right? And the one about the "otherworldly sensibility that takes out of the New York rush and into a timeless sensation"? Something tells us they mean business. Or at least, they think they do.
· Kion Lounge [official site]