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Week in Reviews: Barca 18

As predicted, Bruni gets in on the Barca 18 hating this week. It's the, somewhat clipped, Week in Reviews for 12/22/05.

1) Bruni's inevitable one-star review of Barca 18 drops this week. His diatribe is mostly a reiteration of what others have already said, but at least his prose are nicer:

There's a triangular wedge of a Spanish-style omelet, oily to a pleasant degree, dense but not rigid, with an immensely flavorful mix of asparagus, blood sausage, black olives and Manchego cheese. This food is fantastic. You were dead wrong about Barça 18.

Except you weren't. The music swells, ominously and monotonously: thump, thump, thump. You survey the generically vast, dark and glossy room and half expect to see a mirrored ball dangling from the ceiling. Is this a disco inferno?

This does have us wondering why, if Bruni thought it would be awful going in, he'd go in for the review in the first place. [NYT]

Elsewhere, an eGulleter big on Gilt, $25 and Under warms to the cinema/dining room hybrid at Monkey Town, Cuozzo hates on Mr. Chow, Tables for Two manning the UES from Spigolo; and Gothamist semi-reviewing The Modern Bar Room.

And from last week, for your files: Bruni one-stars Jovia, Platt ode to Jovia, Nosh at supper club Four Course Vegan, Tables for Two at Barca 18, Rosen two-stars Lo Scalco, and Seitsema at Williamsburg Japanese trailblazer Bozu.