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Leave the Extra V on for "Varewell, Everyone"

JGV had a dream. A dream for a steakhouse called Rare. Hmm, seemed someone was already using that name. No problem. How about V? A bold name for a bold steakhouse, one that would join the Time Warner Center food court with interior design straight out of the Bellagio. A contender.

Quietly opened its doors in late May 2004 after months of pre-opening parties. Gael Green stopped by for a first taste: "The steak is a steak." Um. Maybe FloFab would save the day, as she so often does? "The menu seems too mundane for the gilded-leaf canopy and ruby-red boudoir setting." Yeah. Or not.

And so it went. And so it goes—for good. Tomorrow. And who pens the Times obit today (with this notable quote from JGV: "I could open anywhere else in New York and the costs would be less")? One guess, friends.

N.B. hat tip to Keil, who broke the news in the Post yesterday.
· Citing Costs, Famed Chef Retreats from Columbus Circle [NYTimes]
· It's V End of Road for Steakhouse [NYPost]

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