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Chelsea: Five Square Blocks, 10,000 Clubgoers

It isn't just the East Village that's up in arms about Too Much Nightlife. Chelsea residents have compiled a list of clubs, and their capacities, in a five-block radius between Tenth and Eleventh Aves. from 24th to 29th Streets. A sample, with total capacity at the end of each line:

Spirit 530-542 W. 27th St. dance club 1,586
B.E.D. 530-542 W. 27th St. dance club 619
Home 530-542 W. 27th St. dance club 490
Marquee 289 10th Ave. (27th St.) dance club 597
Quo 511 W. 28th St. dance club 526
Scores 536 W. 28th St. strip club 500
The complete list, in all its glory, on the other side of this link.
· 10,000 clubgoers in five square blocks in Chelsea [The Villager]