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Eater Inside: VinoVino

[Kalina, 12/14/05]

2005_12_eatin_vinovino2.jpgVinoVino, which made a Plywood appearance last month, has quietly, stealthily even, opened its Tribeca doors. Per their website: "VinoVino is an exciting combination of elegant wine shop and intimate wine bar that, together, provide an eclectic new way to discover and enjoy artisanal wines." Also promised, a selection of olives, cheeses, cured meats and "local seasonal produce".

Although we have to take issue with their claim of the enoteca/shop hybrid being new -- i Trulli and others have been playing this game for quite some time -- the place does look and sound promising. Perhaps we'll see you at their 12/18 grand opening party. (7 PM).
· VinoVino [official site]