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Eater IMtereviews: Blaue Gans & The Orchard

SLNYDaddy: blaue is open
SLNYDaddy: if you like german food, it's very good
SLNYDaddy: but blaue -- it is le zinc UNCHANGED
SLNYDaddy: every poster in place
CrbdDaddy: whoa
SLNYDaddy: except they put a blue goose in the window
SLNYDaddy: but a total crap shoot unless you know german --
SLNYDaddy: the waitress have zero ability to translate the dishes into english words, so you've got to know the terrain going in
CrbdDaddy: kinda dig that
CrbdDaddy: kurt in the haus?
SLNYDaddy: kurt's sous from wallse up in the hauzzy
CrbdDaddy: dined at the orchard, btw
SLNYDaddy: do tell

CrbdDaddy: like the vibe muchly
SLNYDaddy: it is so high on my list, as you might expect
CrbdDaddy: had two flatbread pizzas to start
CrbdDaddy: one sounded amazing -- shortribs -- but wasn't great
CrbdDaddy: another was outstanding
SLNYDaddy: wait
SLNYDaddy: shortrib pizza?
CrbdDaddy: yep
CrbdDaddy: kinda genius, no?
CrbdDaddy: alas, needed more flavor
SLNYDaddy: so genius
SLNYDaddy: everything you can ask for out of an ital, on one dish
SLNYDaddy: maybe, just maybe, a baked ziti pizza would be better
SLNYDaddy: but that's questionable
CrbdDaddy: i had a pork main
CrbdDaddy: solid
SLNYDaddy: i'm relieved to know they've gotten it mostly right
SLNYDaddy: could have been a serious setback
CrbdDaddy: funniest part: BYOB, right?
SLNYDaddy: yup
CrbdDaddy: but bar decor is all full wine and champagne bottles
CrbdDaddy: "Oh, we didn't buy those. That would be illegal. We got them all as a gift."
CrbdDaddy: says the maitre'd
CrbdDaddy: yeah, so, like, someone gifted them 200 wine and champagne bottles. mmhmmm.
SLNYDaddy: what about this picture isn't right?
CrbdDaddy: place was 3/4 full last friday
SLNYDaddy: not bad
SLNYDaddy: still early
SLNYDaddy: esp w/o booze
SLNYDaddy: bg about 3/4 full too

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