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SPONSORED POST: Eater Inside Miami Red Light

This month, our friends at Fontainebleau Miami Beach are sponsoring a tour of the city's hottest real estate, restaurants, and fashions. After a massive, multi-year makeover, the iconic, 1,600+ room resort recently reopened in style, with a grand opening celebration and fashion show by Victoria's Secret.




Perhaps you'd like to have a hipster, exterior look at Red Light. Open since March, it's the newish hotness at the Motel Blu, in the arguably-emerging MIMO district. An anti-South Beach type spot in size and design, it's become a destination among the gourmatically inclined, such as local chefs and Sobe Wine & Food Festival hero Lee Schrager. The chef here is Kris Wessel, who rolls a menu of such Gulf-influenced dishes as the 'Florida fish plate,' sour orange-garlic Glades frog legs, oyster tart, cheese grits and conch chowder. The 70s-retro interior with Little River views is designed by Wessel's friend, Jeff Vaughn. [Photo: Maria Lankina]