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Wednesday Food Section Buzzwrap

1) Gray Kunz will open a new restaurant in the old Aquavit space on West 54th, Braden Keil reports. Also notes that Matthew Kenney's first two Blue/Green juicebars open next week, with the previously discussed Heirloom at 191 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side opening Nov. 23 after a week or so of private tastings—a slight change from the opening date still noted on his website, but sooner than we forecast yesterday. [NYPost]
2) Who said downtown has all the fun? The Upper East Side finally gets a trendy pizza place all its own with the opening of Slice at Second Ave/73rd Street, FloFab reports. No comment yet on Slice, perhaps because they're weighing a copyright infringement suit. [NYTimes]
3) Time Warner Center's got all those Michelin stars. So, Cuozzo wonders, where are the people? [NYPost]