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No Secret: 24 Prince Opens


When Thrillist uses the word 'secretive' to describe any part of a just-opened venue, one tends to perk up one's ears. These are, after all, the loveable frat boys who were first to the party with La Esquina. So we can understand, to an extent, what went down at Gothamist yesterday, when, sight unseen, they began heralding 24 Prince, which opens today, as the next La Esquina/The Back Room.

But, contrary to Gothamist's claim, the speakeasy razzle dazzle that has served Esquina and Back Room so well is not present here. Rather, 24 Prince is, quite simply, a cafe by day and a bar/restaurant at night. While there will be a downstairs VIP room in the future and the liquor cabinets will be closed during the day, the main entrance to the venue is on street level and in plain sight. See for yourself in the photos above, taken last night, just hours before their opening party (NB: you probably won't have the aide of barstools sitting on the street when you visit).

So, false alarm, folks. If there is reason to start the buzzmeter anew, we'll let you know.
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