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Banned On Chowhound: Banned in Park Slope

Please, sir, if it doesn't pose too much of a difficulty, stop the presses. The first addition to our new, unofficial Banned on Chowhound list has arrived! Drumroll please for this reader email:

I believe Frannie's Pizza in Park Slope is banned.
Zing! Poor Frannie—worked so hard all her life just to end up Banned on Chowhound. Actually, that's a lie. We don't know Frannie, and perhaps she (or the marketing corporation behind her) has earned this scorn. The scorn that can only come from being Banned on Chowhound.

Aware of a restaurant that has been Banned on Chowhound? Drop us a line and let us know. Meantime, after the jump, a Banned on Chowhound conspiracy tale that begins as follows: "Dear Eater: It gets curiouser and curiouser." And indeed it does.

Dear Eater,

It gets curiouser and curiouser.

Chowhound has a "Site Talk" board, where people can talk about things like the moderation policy. In about 99.9% of cases, the response from the "Chowhound Team" is that "we are what we are, we're smarter than you, take it or leave it." But at least, they do let you ask, and you do get an answer.

Today, on Site Talk, somebody asked about a similar 'banned' situation. She had posted about a restaurant. Her post was deleted, and she had received a message from the Chowführer that this restaurant is "off the table" due to suspicious postings. The purpose of her Site Talk post was to ask the reason for this total ban, and to inquire whether there might be some middle ground that would allow legitimate posters to discuss the place.

A short while later, her Site Talk query was deleted by the führer without an official response. I don't recall the restaurant's name, but I believe it was in L.A., so probably not of direct interest to you. However, it was a curious coincidence to see a complaint on Site Talk about the very thing you had posted about.

Feel free to use this, without using my name.

[Name Redacted] (already on my 2nd Chowhound identity)

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