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Plywood Report: The Orchard, Chelsea Commons, &c.

1) Lower East Side: After peeking in on just-opened Orchard Street newcomer Heirloom a few nights back, we ventured a look through the wooden slats (above) at The Orchard, the new Italian restaurant from the team behind Peasant and Apizz discussed in this space earlier this month. Though we haven't heard an opening date, the place is quite obviously almost ready to roll.

2005_11_ccommons.jpg2) Chelsea: Neighborhood weblog BlogChesea reports: "The plywood is up at the (former?) Chelsea Commons, Tenth Ave at 24th. It closed months ago due to some liquor violation, but was a great place for cold beer and reliable pub food, with a courtyard in the back. Let’s see if the future holds more nights of drunken debauchery."

3) East Village: An Eater reader writes: "Check out East 4th between A and B, north side of street. Looks like a new restaurant called EU (not yet open); it has notices on its door/windows about a neighborhood meeting to discuss issues relating to the restaurant coming to the street." Ah yes, European Union. We know it and await it with glee. Now where are those cameraphone shots we so kindly requested a few weeks back?

Plywood reports a little thin as of late. Do your duty and help your fellow Eaters out by emailing sightings of unopened restaurants our way, especially if you haunt the byways Above 14th Street or beyond Manhattan. We'll all be better for it.