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Following Masa's Lead, Marquee Turns Two

If repeatedly dropping $1,000 on sushi for two at Masa has become monotonous, know that you can just as quickly part with this amount of money at Marquee, which, the Times reports, turns a geriatric two-years old on December 8th. Curious to know how your experiences at Masa and Marquee, two venues equally but oppositely transporting, will differ? Have a read:

It's nearing midnight and just as [doorman] Mr. Thomas is turning away one husky young man, who claims his girlfriend is already inside, Stella Keitel (daughter of Harvey) waltzes to the front of the line with a gaggle of girlfriends. She and Mr. Thomas exchange cheek kisses and pleasantries. "I love you, Richie," Ms. Keitel coos as she traipses in, leaving soon-to-be-shattered egos in her dust.
Soon after, Andrew Gitkin, a principal investor in the club, approaches, and he and his crew are immediately shown to a table in the main room just off the club's entrance. Tables near the front door are prime real estate, explains Mr. Gitkin, who is in the hedge fund business.
Within minutes, Maria, a mono-named waitress, who makes the tennis babe Anna Kournikova look like a gnome, struts over with ice, a $650 bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a $1,100 bottle of Cristal rose (courtesy of nightclub inflation). Just like that, several women start swarming. Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" is blaring in the background.
More fun than Masa? Hard to say. We're not endorsing a night at Marquee so much as we're simply making sure you are aware of your options.
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