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Ask Eater Answered: Tin Tizzy

A week back, Ask Eater asked for your help, on behalf of reader Sheri, to find "a restaurant in the city with 'tin' or 'aluminum' in either its name or something that will tie it in to the theme." Our favorite reader reply:

nice matin? petit abeille for the tin tin theme? chez laurence has a tin ceiling.. as does pastis.. and salt.. and al di la.. and spigolo.. and le parker meridian.. and fatty crab..and a billion other restaurants. and savoy has a tin exterior (and a really nice private room).
Indeed. Naturally, Zagat's got a whole list devoted to tin joints; it's reproduced with their kind permission after the jump. Oh, and to return the favor: you're hanging out at while the archives are free of charge to all comers this week, yes?

From Zagat Survey 2006:

Austin's Steakhouse
Bogata Latin Bistro
Cosmic Cantina
Frankie's 457 Court St. Spuntino
Hacienda de Argentina
Il Cantinori
Il Postino
Il Tinello
Il Valentino
La Cantina
La Cantina Toscana
Lucy's Latin Kitchen
Marion's Continental
Nice Matin
Soho Cantina
Tasting Room

Sorry, no aluminum that we're aware of.

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