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The Amateur Cupid

The Amateur Gourmet is to the New York restaurant scene as the Naked Cowboy is to Times Square: one must draw upon the rules of a parallel universe to understand. For here, using the principles of this world, we are at a loss.

But when we read about the AG's "Gourmet Cupid" initiative -- it, too, having parallel universe written all over it -- it occured to us that somewhere, somehow, someone is proclaiming the man to be a genius. (Again, though, not here in these parts.) Buckle up:

[Y]ou may not know this, but pinned to my shoulders are tiny wings: I am your Gourmet Cupid, here to make all your romantic dreams come true.
What am I talking about?... Ok, so it's safe to say that all of you reading this blog like food. A lot. And many of you, despite your better qualities, are single. Hey, I can relate. So in this age of healthnuts and gyms it's hard to find a fellow foodie to fall in love with. Hence the birth of Gourmet Cupid, here to help match you with a potential mate.
To participate, simply send me an e-mail... with the following information:

Location: [please be a little specific here. "New York" is too broad; "New York City" is just right.]
Sexual Preference:
Favorite Foods:
Anything Else About You:
The Type Of Person You're Looking To Meet:

Attach a recent picture of you too, cause we'll use that later should we pair you up.

Isn't this fun? Won't it be great if we have an Amateur Gourmet wedding?! I feel like Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless."

If you're thinking about how much you'd like to be reading this again for the first time, you are not alone. If you're thinking about participating, you have our blessing--provided that we're cc'ed along the way.
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