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Eater Inside: Askew

[By eater photog Noah Kalina on 11/15/05.]

2005_11_eatin_Jasper2.jpgWhat we have here, folks, is Askew, Edwin Chong's new "modern dining bar" (as per press materials), with an interior designed by Karim Rashid. (You thought it was Avro-Ko, didn't you? Come on, you did.) Small plates are by chef Chris Lim, who before coming to Askew cut his teeth at Town. Despite our out-of-the-gate analysis, this is a good one to know about, given its proximity to such venues as The Angelika.

The early word from Metro and, deep breath, Shecky's.

At top, the bar; below, the dining room. At right, Jasper, 504 LaGuardia Place's former occupant.