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Close Encounters of the Celebrity Chef Kind #002, #003

All this week, we're serving up your stories of celebrity chef encounters. These are the results of a Resy Contest we ran several weeks back, as you may recall. When possible, we'll reveal the chef's identity; in some cases, where providing details would likely lead to Eater playing the defendant in a massive pile of litigation, we'll just cull and post your best guesses. Of course, if you've got a story that's gone untold to date, talk to us.

2) We were walking south on 8th Avenue/Hudson a while back on one quiet evening talking about the new [restaurant1 ] opening up in our old fav Le Zoo/Black Sheep space. Someone mentioned that [the chef] was overseeing the startup menu and we were all like oh yeah great he is the shit...Of course we were oblivious to the big man 'ol [the chef] himself in the jeans and clogs walking north right through us. He heard every word and had a huge shite eating grin on his face. We all went wub wub wub and he laughed at us and kept on walking with a spring in his step!

3) About a year ago my fiance and I were driving [through the village]. On the steps of a townhouse across the street from [restaurant 2] was [the chef] schmoozing a woman who was soooo not his wife (she was a much younger lass). A dirty apron, clogs, a bottle and two glasses of wine were all involved. Of course, I saw them and had to blurt out of the open window - "oh, shit that's [the chef]." He proceeded to give me the look of death as I drove on by.