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European Union Ready to Meet Its Neighbors

A note with the subject "Iron Chef invades Alphabet City (or at least 4th street)" appeared in our inbox this AM. For our readers in the East Village, it may be of interest:

theres been lotsa work on a new rest on 4th street near ave b lo these many days. today on my walk into work i noticed lots of xeroxed notices papering the front of the resto and nearby lamp posts, so, being a good journo, i grabbed one, here's what it says:

Eu 235 East 4th street
New York, NY 10009

7PM Monday and Tuesday
November 14th and 15th

The EU restaurant coridally invites all residents and business owners from our neighbohood to take a tour of our new space. Meet us as we share answers to questions and concerns about noise and traffic. Our chef, Anne Burrell, will be available to talk about her food.

Owners Bob Giraldi and Jason Hennings
And Chef Anne Burrell and David Massoni

as any good addict of Iron Chef America knows, Anne is the spiky, platinum haired sous chef of Mario Batalli on the show.

And as any good Eater addict knows, this is European Union of which we speak. The Avro-ko-designed space is readying for its big moment. Now who's going to go and take some camera phone shots for us?

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