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BREAKING: Kitchen and Cocktails Closes

[Kitchen and Cocktails, snapped by Eater photog Noah Kalina on 6/21/05]

Take a long last look at the interior of Lower East Side fondue/cocktail haven Kitchen and Cocktails. Shockingly, the venue—open just since the summer—apparently has closed, per a message on K&C's answering machine, as transcribed by Eater:

hi how you doing thanks for calling k and c unfortunately it saddens me very much to... inform the public that we have closed our doors and are no longer open for business. if you'd please leave your name and number and a message we'd be happy to get back to you if you need any information or questions answered. thank you very much.
Hear for yourself: (212) 420-1112.

K&C's block—Orchard between Houston and Stanton—has been beset with plywood from competing construction projects, including Jason Pomeranc's Lower East Side luxury hotel, under construction just a few doors down from K&C. Yet the place looked crowded enough when we cruised past last weekend. Anyone know the inside word?
· Kitchen and Cocktails (official site) []