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360 Park Ave So. Update: Building Inspector Smackdown

From the Eater News Desk, an update on Porcao, slated to open at 360 Park Ave So.:

I chatted up someone involved in the construction of the restaurant. The problem seems to be that they failed to build things to code. It was a nearly-raw space -- had never been a restaurant before. But inspectors have been in and out of there regularly and my contact says they may not open of 2-3 more MONTHS!!!!! This is pretty horrible, since from all appearances they seemed ready to open within days before they covered all the windows up again last week.
This probably means that the "petty cash" reserve, often used to help interpret certain more nebulous codes, has run out at Porcao too. Seems altogether possible that the owners may have to find additional investors before their venue sees the light of day. For those of you who work at 360 Park So., now may be the time to get a holiday party backup venue.
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