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Countdown to Michelin's New York City Arrival

Tomorrow is the release date for Michelin's long-awaited arrival in New York City. Snack blogger Jennifer Leuzzi speculates on who will wear the three-star crown:

The big question is….who got three stars? Of course there are three star restaurants in NYC, or else Michelin would not have come. My sources say two, no more than three. Per Se is the favorite. Everyone I’ve heard from says it’s Per Se and… Daniel/Jean Georges/Le Bernardin. Pick one. You can make valid arguments for all. They all have four stars from the New York Times, so it makes perfect sense.

Oddly, no one mentions Alain Ducasses’s ADNY, because most assume it’s a sure thing. Ducasse is the world’s record holder for Michelin stars with two three-star restaurants. Is it possible that Michelin could deny Ducasse in NYC? I think not, especially when you consider that much of the staff cited in the restaurant’s disappointing three-star review in the Times has left the building. It’s the perfect non-four-star restaurant to make the cut. It wouldn’t be any fun if Michelin was just a truncated four-star Times list now would it?

Leuzzi also dishes on the PR angle, namely Michelin's hiring of the Susan Magrino Agency to coordinate PR for their guide—a hire made partly on the recommendation of Ducasse. More backstory at Snack for the conspiracy-minded.
· Michelin NYC: Drum Roll Please [Snack]