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Eater Inside Special Report: The Back Room

Knowing full well that we could not send you off to your weekends without the complete story, we sent in a special task force to The Back Room to investigate the brand new, but allegedly over-hyped, Norfolk Street speakeasy. Here is what our team came back with:

·It is called 'The Back Room'. That is what the card says on the front. On the back it says 'The Lower East Side Toy Company'.
·It is actually a pretty cool place, but you do indeed get your drink served in a teacup, and you get your beers put in a brown bag.
·The secret backroom definitely is still under construction. And if you didn't know about it, it really would be a secret. It is not open every night, but on nights that it is, you need a password for entry.
Now, with regard to this last claim regarding the back room, we invite you to judge and test the exclusivity quotient for yourselves. But we will show you exactly where the door is.

Jump to reveal the "hidden" bookcase door. Indeed, friends, you are so close to basking in the glow of your own VIP fabulosity that we can almost taste it.

This photo is the reverse angle on the shot at the top. Our photog, Noah Kalina, has, literally, rotated his lens 180 degrees, to give you the other half of the story.

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