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Is Goodburger a Good Burger? Why, Yes

Dare we ask Shake Shack to stand aside for the new burger king in town? So it appears after reading two early reviews of Goodburger (Second Ave. at 43rd Street, as mentioned in this week's Eater Dish). Writes blogger Twenty Bucks a Day, "It’s going to be unbelievably hot and probably as crowded as Shake Shack or Burger Joint as soon as yesterday’s lunch run, so get in on the ground floor and enjoy while possible."

A Hamburger Today shares the enthusiasm:

Preliminary analysis: Excellent, juicy burger. Heftier than Shake Shack farther downtown but not so insanely thick you can't get your mouth around the thing. Crisp, fresh red onion and plenty of thickly cut, sweet pickle rounds. Goodburger appears to use the same almost pocketlike buns that Shake Shack uses, and the bun is toasted, though mine had gotten a very light toasting... Will have to do a Goodburger–Burger Joint head-to-head analysis soon. More to come!
Great news for the neighborhood. Click through to the reviews for lots more glorious Goodburger detail (and, on A Hamburger Today, more luscious photography).
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