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The Back Room: Not So Secret After All?

On Monday, we noted the emergence of another secret bar, this one on Norfolk Street on the Lower East Side. An Eater reader takes issue with some of our intel, and fills in some blanks:

Sorry, but the bar to which you and the daily candy are referring, is not actually called The Back Room.  I was there on Friday night, and they handed out cards calling it The Toy Store Liquor Bar. The "super secret" room behind the book case isn't all that super secret, considering that there is an exit sign directly above it and the bookcase is exactly door width.  When we were there, the waitress showed us the "hidden" room, which was not complete yet.  She said there wasn't a password, but that it was for vip's

When we were there around 9:30-10:00 is was almost empty. They do serve stiff drinks in coffee cups… the whole place seemed a little cliché, and sort of theme-y, but I guess that's what's hot nowadays. It's easy to find, just look out for all the smokers standing on a sidewalk in the middle of nowhere.
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UPDATE: An Eater operative got inside, returning with photos and the full scoop.