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The Back Room: Double Secret is the New Secret

It may not have started the La Esquina hype, but DailyCandy's item about the joint pushed the city's media world into overdrive following its mid-July item.

Ready for a rerun? Friday, DailyCandy dropped word of another secret, backroom spot for initiates only. This one, called The Back Room, is tucked on the Lower East Side. DailyCandy notes only that it's on Norfolk, but we can give you a bit more: the same block as Schiller's, just above Delancey on Norfolk, next door to Tides. But don't look for a sign. Rather, a toy store facade—one of what we hear will be a changing series of facades—greets visitors from the street.

But The Back Room isn't content just to go secret. It's going Double Secret. Per DC: "The real hidden gem here is a secret speakeasy within the bar — a stunning Prohibition setup accessed only from behind a trick bookcase. Sorry, invited guests only." Which means all of New York City will be hanging there by November. But we'll see you there after the baseball tomorrow night.
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