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Excerpting Bruni (Cafe at Country)

Maybe it was the vacation; maybe it was Ninja itself. In any case, Bruni's prose this week have been something special. If this continues, which we hope it does, we'll continue posting excerpts here. And if and when his colleagues elsewhere join in on the fun, we'll post those as well.

"The leather on the banquettes is soft and welcoming: you want to press your cheek against it. The olive oil on tables is not in a bulky flask; it's in what looks like a pretty little cologne bottle, and you want to groom with it."

"White gazpacho with smoked almonds and bits of apple and cucumber was like a mutation of muesli, which was migrating from dawn to noon, when it swam in an ethereal sea - créme fraîche, Muscat grape juice, almond oil - more refreshing than milk or yogurt."

"That cold tea and hot coffee, administered with so much flourish that I consumed them with too little restraint, had me buzzing with something other than excitement."
· Diner's Journal: The Cafe at Country [NYT]