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First Annual Vendy Award Nominees

After a round of nominations from the public in August, the nominees for the First Annual Vendy Awards—to be given to the city's best street vendors—have been announced. The ballot:

â? Thiru “Dosa Man” Kumar – known for his vegan dosas and samosas, Thiru is “not just a vendor, he is a role model for us all”. More importantly, he serves the “best damn street food in town,” according to his customers.
â? Tony “the Dragon” Dragonas - the line runs “around the block” for Tony’s chicken, served up in “generous portions” and “with a smile.” But will he reveal his “addictive secret spices” that keep them coming back for more?
â? Rolf “Hallo Berlin” Babiel – his traditional German sausages (with sautéed onions and homemade mustard) are “five stars all the way,” they say. But will they sway the judges?
â? Team “Best Halal” (Mohammed, Mustafa, Islam & Sam)z - People are so “fanatical” about their food that it takes a whole team to serve it up. “Best Halal” has such a “cult following” that people drive all the way from PA and MA to have some.
Awards will be given at a banquet November 10; tickets are $35.
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